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Offering the elegance in event solutions DJ Galuck aka Asela K, the brains behind ProVibeDJ’s mixes the flavor at  exclusive hotspots across the world. With over 15 years of club residencies and mobile experience, he is a creation of  the Sri Lankan based Good Groove DJ’s. At  age 16 he entered the DJ circuit spinning his own unique mix of Hip Hop and Top 40 Dance music. North America’s exclusive Sri Lankan DJ, now expands his DJ crew by introducing talented ambassadors of world music.
Music Format:
* Hip Hop - R&B
* Reggae -Dancehall
* Top 40 Dance
* Bhangra - Remixes
Gig Rig:
Pioneer  CDJ 850, CDJ, 1000, DDJSX consoles and effect
Event Format:
* Club * Mobile * Productions

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