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        Asian Tour 06' Pics


DJ Anba joins the crew with 10 years of experience, having spun at famous hotspots all  across the globe. With  many club residencies under his belt, he strongly believes in advocating diversity through his music. His extensive knowledge of world music is evident in his mixes where he always introduces global club tunes from various world music such as  Bossa Nova and African House. Schooled in UK House and Trance, DJ Anba is currently busy promoting the new Asian Electronica scene. Famous in the UK and Europe, this genre fuses classical South Asian music with house and trance beats. He is currently one of the leading DJs in the Midwest to spin this exclusive genre. Equally  schooled in Indian percussion instruments such as the mirdangam and dhol, DJ Anba is ProVibeís gateway to world music.   
Music Format:
* Progressive Trance , House
* Down Tempo  
* Asian Electronica  
Gig Rig:
Pioneer CDJ 1000 console and SL 1200ís
Event Format:
* Club  * Mobile  * Productions


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